About Us

At Trans ip, we go out of our way to simplify complex solutions. We believe in providing you with solutions that are not only easy to implement but also simple and memorable. We regard our clients highly and believe that each one of them deserves an opportunity to get answers. If you are a novice techie, Trans ip gives you the chance to come up with complex set-ups fast. We do not just offer you information. We create all our systems. We work hard to ensure that you can depend on our products. Our productions are fast and efficient and we do not work alone. We work with third parties.

Even though using complex technologies is great, we believe in the beauty of simplicity. We believe that even the most advanced technologies should be simple and usable. There is no point in coming up with products that you may be unable to use. We want you to enjoy our products and not to spends too much of your time trying to figure them out. We try to automate everything possible to simplify processes even further. We do not just settle for what we have. We are always working hard to discover new things. At any given point, we are working on a new way to simplify things for our clients. We try to come up with upgrades and new programs as often as we can.

Our team is made up of dedicated, experienced and professional members of staff. We have more than 50 in-house analysts. They have knowledge of blockchain ICO and cryptocurrency. All our members of staff are passionate about their jobs and they are always willing to use their knowledge to come up with products that do not only meet but also exceed your needs. The team works as one unit with similar objectives. That means that our clients get the best of all members of the team. We communicate well with each other and we stay committed to the team because we are united by our objective to provide you with the best products possible.

We strive to give investors everything they need to make informed decisions. We believe that our tools contribute to transparency and honesty in the market. In our weekly newsletters, we talk about ICO projects that we have studied and analysed carefully. Our reports are not only logical and well-researched but also unbiased. Our focus is on investors so we have no reason to be biased. We take a look at important issues of various ICO projects including tokenomics, the competence of teams, and business models. In 2017, we helped our clients to raise $17 billion. We have 157 rated projects.

We encourage all our clients to review our terms and conditions and understand them before getting into business with us. We believe that it is important to understand our policies and to think about them before agreeing to anything. Our conditions are simple and straightforward but we are available to clarify anything that you may have trouble understanding.